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Maite Baron and Keith Grafton Baron Grafton Arthouse gallery owners and artists proudly curate and hand-pick every artwork they create and offer on Baron Grafton Arthouse in order to provide you with a beautiful selection of Limited Edition Prints.



Baron Grafton Arthouse offers Limited Edition Prints from our Original Artworks in small edition runs for each size offered. Once all the prints in each edition size have been sold out, there will be no other prints of this artwork available in this size, however Limited Edition Prints from this artwork may be available in other sizes.



We offer gallery quality custom made “Classic”, "Box" or “Tray” frame options in Aluminium and solid wood for a contemporary look in Black, White, Silver or Natural wood depending on the Artwork.


All materials used on our gallery quality frames are conservation grade and acid-free to ensure the longevity of each and every Baron Grafton Arthouse Original and Limited Edition Prints. Each framed Artwork ships ready to hang and impress.



Each Limited Edition Print comes with a Baron Grafton Arthouse Certificate of Authenticity that is numbered, and displays the artwork details, artist's signature, edition number and total quantity. Baron Grafton Arthouse Certificates of Authenticity are printed on acid-free paper and are a certification that the "information and statements contained therein are true and correct."



The term "Limited Edition" has various meanings depending upon the artist, publisher, distributor and seller (or reseller). Baron Grafton Arthouse uses the term "Limited Edition Prints" to denote two dimensional art prints available through a pre-publication license agreement between the artist ( Maite Baron or Keith Grafton ) and Baron Grafton Arthouse and sold pursuant to an exclusive prints publication arrangement.


This exclusive arrangement with the artist establishes a total maximum number of prints based on a single original high resolution digital image of a specific Work of Art created by the artist for limited and exclusive reproduction based on different paper type and/or dimension of the print. Certain information about the Limited Edition print and sale will be provided to buyers in a Certificate of Authenticity which is included with the purchase of each Limited Edition print from Baron Grafton Arthouse. The image for any Limited Edition print may, in certain circumstances, be licensed by the artist for reproduction on other consumer products, such as wall art gifts, apparel and other home décor accents.



Baron Grafton Arthouse Ltd is the exclusive Copyright owner and distributor of all and every Original Work of Art or Limited Edition Prints available for sale on Baron Grafton Arthouse or sold by Baron Grafton Arthouse in any other way either physical or digitally.


In certain circumstances, the artist of a work available as a Limited Edition art print on Baron Grafton Arthouse or sold by Baron Grafton Arthouse in any other way either physically or digitally may license the image of the subject work for reproduction related to the sale of other consumer products, such as art gifts, apparel and other home décor accents (but excluding two dimensional art prints). The manner and consumer goods on which the image is reproduced are the sole Copyright of the artist and Baron Grafton Arthouse Ltd, and doesn't permit the subject work to be made available for reproduction on two dimensional art prints or any other way other than Limited Edition prints and gifts available for purchase on Baron Grafton Arthouse or sold by Baron Grafton Arthouse in any other way either physically or digitally.



A Limited Edition Print that recites the number 3/15 means that the buyer is purchasing the third published Print in a maximum Print edition of 15 total prints (plus any artist proofs) of a specified size and dimension based upon a high resolution digital image of the artist’s original Work of Art. The Certificate of Authenticity tells the buyer if more than one edition has been published from the Original image. For example, a Print numbered 3/15 in a Limited Edition of 15 could be sold measuring 55cm x 45cm and another print numbered 5/25 in a limited edition of 25 could be sold measuring 80cm x 65cm. The Certificate of Authenticity in that example would clearly show that the total number is 40 Prints ( plus any artist proofs ).



By buying an Original Work of Art, a Limited Edition Print or an Art Gift from or by Baron Grafton Arthouse, you are only acquiring material ownership of the Original Work of Art or Print. No other rights are granted or implied. Any reproduction (copying), dissemination, transmission, broadcast, distribution, selling or commercially exploiting, leasing, public exhibition or display, or other analogue or digital use in any form, medium or technology now known or later developed is not permitted unless specifically authorised by Baron Grafton Arthouse Ltd in writing.


Your rights to the purchased Artwork are therefore limited to a right to private use and to resell the artwork privately but excluding any right of representation, commercially exploitation and of reproduction.

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