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About Baron Grafton Arthouse

Soulful Fine Art of the Highest Quality

Baron Grafton Arthouse is a contemporary Art Gallery and Consultancy-led lifestyle brand based in London, where Fine Art making meets design, poetry and soulful living. Co-founded by Maite Baron and Keith Grafton to create a platform that is a leading voice in the contemporary Art market prioritising substance over hype.

Running our Arthouse allows us to create Original Works of Art and Limited Edition Prints to the highest standards accessible to collectors and Trade professional who value a personal approach and appreciate Art without the fuss of traditional art galleries.

We believe that art enhances our lives, brings us together, and produces joy and wellbeing. We are passionate about creating unique Works of Art that touch the soul and uplift the human spirit. Inspired by John Keats quote, "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever", every Art piece we create is made with love, quality and great attention to detail.

About Baron Grafton Arthouse

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

— Pablo Picasso

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are Maite & Keith, artists, designers and curators and our story is one of love, experimentation and soul. As a couple we share our intimate and creative world, sometimes collaborating and influencing each other’s Works of Art and sometimes working on our own to express our individuality.

We like to express the essence of life as a boundless creative expression where feelings are prioritised above reason and only what matters remain. We create experiences and memories that we want to treasure forever exploring themes like love, time and the sea with our appreciation for every day life and familiar surroundings. Our art practice reflects our childlike curiosity and celebrates the existence of the extraordinary within the ordinary, discovering new ways of seeing and being as well as inviting the viewer to unveil new meanings and different perspectives in their lives.

We’re inspired by travelling and everyday living, how we feel, what we see and what we do,…a world without boundaries where all creative expressions merge… Ultimately we see all art disciplines connected and intertwined through social media and technology. Our clients are a mix of private collectors and Trade professionals such as interior designers and architects, art consultants and high end property developers working with corporate, residential, retail and hospitality markets, as well as film and movie production.

What we Do

What we Do

We’re multidisciplinary artists creating two main Artwork collections a year around themes that inspire us, looking at the essence of the artistic expression, exploring materials and pushing boundaries between art disciplines, design and life.

All Baron Grafton Arthouse Original Works of Art and hand embellished Limited Edition Pigment Prints ( Giclée ) and Lambda C-type photography are produced using archival materials of the highest quality and the latest printing technology to offer outstanding collector pieces of beauty and longevity.

All our Works of Art are created and curated by us and produced to gallery standards, with attention to detail and without sacrificing any artistic quality or craftsmanship. We supervise every detail from beginning to end.

Never mass-produced, we print in edition sizes of 3 to 150 in a variety of substrates and sizes to preserve the collector qualities. Each Artwork comes with our Certificate of Authenticity and Edition which includes the artist handwritten signature, the date stamp, the format, the edition and print number to ensure each piece is one of a kind as well as adhering to the international standards used by all galleries to increase its market value.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Every Baron Grafton Arthouse Original Work of Art is made using the best leading artist materials in the market for longevity and legacy. And every Limited Edition Print is made to order using the latest print-on-demand technology and highest standards and every Print is produced using the same care and attention to detail. The process is meticulous, the result - a beauty.

We’re committed:

  • In being a pivotal art source reference for art collectors, art consultants and interior designers and architects around the world who are looking for art with personality and a fresh perspective.
  • To a culture of beauty, attention to detail and quality while ensuring the Original character of each Art piece is represented.
  • To preserve nature and the environment limiting our footprint as much as possible by using materials from sustainable sources. We welcome commissions from private collectors and the Trade as well as collaborations with interior designers, manufacturers and retail brands looking for art that pushes boundaries and create new realities. We can work with you to develop design ideas, present concepts, formulate a budget and manage artwork creation from start to finish.

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