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About Maite Baron

Maite Baron Artist

Maite Baron Artist Statement  

I’m a London-based multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on fine art painting and experimental printmaking with modern aesthetics. My art is mostly conceptual, depicting the multi-facets of love, the gender’s role in society, the passage of time, the impact of climate change, and the spiritual.

I see all art disciplines connected and enjoy experimenting with different media, texture, mark making, colour and multicultural influences. Some of my work is unconsciously autobiographical, drawing inspiration from everyday life, found objects and materials, past memories, travel experiences, desires and dreams, as well as fashion, architecture, publicity and design.

My works develop iteratively, creating series of artworks under a theme, building visual narratives through mixed media impasto paintings, abstract prints and unorthodox collages, all veiled in a poetic ambiguity.

I believe that art connects us with one another, raises awareness and creates the opportunity for a better world. My work aims to express the appreciation of nature and all that is simple, imperfect, transient and incomplete, seeing life as a journey of flux and rebirth. My intention is to shift perspectives on meaning and purpose by stripping back the unnecessary while inviting the viewer to experience emotions like love, the desire to change and a sense of belonging.

Maite Baron Abstract Painting Artist

Maite Baron Artist Biography     

Maite Baron was born in Barcelona (Spain), travelled extensively from an early age, lived in Paris and moved to London over 25 years ago. Together with her partner Keith Grafton founded the Baron Grafton Arthouse, their art studio and by-appointment-only gallery, where they showcase their artworks to other galleries, private collectors and Trade members.

Maite’s artistic career can be roughly divided into four periods:

Fashion Period ( 1984 – 1997 )

In 1984, Maite entered into the world of high couture fashion in Barcelona as a designer’s assistant. Then she went on to study Art & Design before moving to Paris to become a freelance fashion designer, trends forecaster and consultant. In 1992 she moved to London, and after a couple of years launched a fashion mail order catalogue business.

At the end of 1997, she closed the mail order fashion business, left the fashion industry and created Positive Art & Design Consultancy.

Early Works Period ( 1997 - 2002 )

During this time Maite combined her artwork creation with teaching in adult education and interior design projects. She exhibited artworks extensively in London, Paris and New York.

This creative time stop abruptly after the death of both parents, and then the traumatic experience of getting married and divorced within a year.

Artistic “hiatus” Period ( 2002 - 2018 )

Although this was a period out of making art, she was still involved in several interior design projects which she felt were less emotionally demanding than art making.

Overall this could be defined as an intensive period of introspection, learning, and self-development. During this period Maite established herself in the world of NLP coaching, training, and consulting, where she supported leaders in transition bringing passion and purpose back to work.

In 2012, she co-founded The Corporate Escape to help ambitious professionals start their own business. She became a multi-award winning Author with her book Corporate Escape: the Rise of the New Entrepreneur; was in Top Santé Magazine 100 Hottest Health Gurus list, was an international speaker and a regular contributor to many publications like Huffington Post Lifestyle, BBC Capital, Global Banking & Finance Review and

Maite’s understanding of people needs, dreams and behaviours brings a unique perspective into some of the leading issues of our time; and these fuel some of her more recent works.

“Return to art” period ( 2018 to present )

A strong believer in healthy living and life work balance, she experienced the need to come back to her art full time, after several years helping others fulfil their dreams. She felt that art could bring others joy, healing and hope while helping to unwrap the future.

Maite’s mark making, gestural abstract brush stroke work, mixed media paintings, and printmaking, have become more autobiographical and conceptual. They are influenced by diverse art movements such as Abstract expressionism, Monochrome painting, Geometric abstraction, Hard-edge painting, Colour field and Minimalism, and artists like Kandinsky, Rothko, Miró and Tapies.

Her intention is to open up consciousness and engage the viewer to find resemblances and hidden meanings, blurring the line between reality and surreal… creating a sense of curiosity and possibility, and to feel alive.

She has exhibited internationally and her work can be found in private residences in the UK, and abroad.

If you are interested in commissioning work for a gallery exhibition, for a private residency or interior design project, or to produce publicity campaign concepts for your brand, please get in touch:


Maite Baron Mixed Media Artist

Artistic Education:

  • Polymer Etching, London Print Studio, London, 2018
  • Screen Printing, London Print Studio, London, 2018
  • Mixed Media Painting, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, London, 2018
  • Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners, City & Guilds 7307, Stage 2, City Lit, London, 2001
  • Screen Printing, London Print Studio, London, 2000
  • Etching, London Print Studio, London, 2000
  • Mixed Media Painting, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, London, 1999
  • BTEC PDC in Multimedia, Westminster Adult Education Service, London, 2000
  • Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners, City & Guilds 7307, Stage 1, Kensington & Chelsea College, London, 1999
  • Artist in Residence Programme, BTEC PDC Fine Art Management and Professional Practice, Kensington Chelsea College, London, 1999
  • Contemporary Printmaking, Kensington & Chelsea College, London, 1999
  • BTEC PDC Design of Interiors, Westminster Adult Education Service, London, 1999
  • BTEC PDC in Interior Decorative Applications, Westminster Adult Education Service, London, 1998
  • Decoration Techniques, Jocasta Innes, The Paint Magic Studio, London, 1997
  • Certificate in Art & Design (Fashion), IADE, Barcelona, 1988
  • Certificate in Developing Creative Design, IDEP, Barcelona, 1985


Selected Exhibition History

  • 2001 - dfn Gallery ‘New York Prestige Artist Debut 2000’, NY, USA
  • 2000 - La Gallerie Espace City Garden, ‘EWACC 2nd Group exhibition’, Paris, France
  • 2000 - Saatchi & Saatchi ‘The Artist Phoenix Art Auction for the Kosovo Children’, London
  • 2000 - The Barbican Library ‘The intrinsic Book’, London
  • 2000 - The Swan House ‘Memories of the Sea’, Beccles, Suffolk ( solo exhibition )
  • 1999 - Mall Gallery ‘National Print Exhibition 1999’, London
  • 1999 - Art T-Centre + Gallery ‘Open Exhibition of Printmaking’, Oxford
  • 1999 - Whiteley’s ‘Open Biennale 1999’, London
  • 1999 - Whiteley’s ‘66 Annual Exhibition’, National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, London
  • 1999 - Buckingham Galleries ‘Freshly Printed’, Southwold, Suffolk
  • 1999 - Spike Island Printmakers ‘Impact’, Bristol
  • 1999 - London Business Centre ‘Artist and Illustrators Exhibition’, United Society of Artists, London
  • 1999 - Westminster Gallery ‘UA 78th Annual Exhibition’, London
  • 1999 - Falmouth Arts Centre ’The Printmakers Council Summer Exhibition’, Falmouth
  • 1999 - Walford Mill ‘Paper Connections’, Dorset
  • 1999 - Fisherton Mill, Salisbury
  • 1998 - Mall Gallery ‘National Print Exhibition 1998’, London
  • 1998 - Mall Gallery ‘Royal Society of British Artists’, London
Maite Baron Unorthodox Collages Artist

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