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About Keith Grafton

Keith Grafton Photographer and Artist

Keith Grafton Artist Statement

I’m an Integrated Digital Fine Art artist living in London pushing the boundaries between traditional and digital contemporary art. My practice orbits around the use of digital photography, digital photomontage and photo-painting to investigate how fashion, publicity, and technology impact the way we live; while also exploring how emotions like love, hope and desire influence the way we feel.

This includes current themes like the creation of multi-layered digital identities, the loss of privacy, data currency, and the perception of our inner and outer selves. My artworks explore today’s reality by creating visual interpretations of the intangible complexities we live in.

My work is mostly conceptual, often integrating figurative elements within abstract compositions giving them a dreamy surrealist quality. The key elements of my works are the use of sharp defining colours, high contrast graphic elements and misplaced mixed media images taken out their original context to achieve an outer reality perspective.

My intention is to shift the viewer’s perception on meaning, explore narratives across and beyond the digital; and creating a space to reflect on what is the purpose of it all by making visible what is often overlooked.


Keith Grafton Integrated Digital Artist

Keith Grafton Artist Biography

Keith was born in Germany with British and Dutch parents, grew up in the UK, and with a degree in Maths and Chemistry spent over 30 years working as an IT systems architect in major investment banks in London.

For the past 20 years he used photography and poetry to depict the complexity of human relationships, the passage of time and the beauty of the imperfect as a way to escape from the monotony of daily working life and the soulless city living.

From being a self-taught photographer he trained later on in modern photography, image manipulation and mixed media painting at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London.

Keith's photomontages, mixed media photographic based abstractions and collages explore high contrasts, sharp defining colours and a touch of surrealism.

His works are influenced by artists like Kandinsky, Rothko, Hooper, Rauschenberg, Dalí, Miró and Baldessari.

His intention is to invite the viewer to experience past and present sensations, such as what it is to be deeply in love and feeling alive by creating a sense of curiosity, expectation and engagement.

He lives with his partner Maite Baron in London and works at the Baron Grafton Arthouse, their studio and by-appointment-only gallery where they showcase their collections to other galleries, private collectors and Trade members.

If you are interested in commissioning work for a gallery exhibition, privately, or to produce publicity campaign concepts for your brand, please get in touch:


  • Polymer Etching, London Print Studio, London
  • Screen Printing, London Print Studio, London
  • Mixed Media Painting, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
  • Modern Photography and imagine manipulation, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
  • Degree in Maths and Chemistry


We run a by-appointment-only gallery where we showcase our artwork collections to other art galleries, art dealers, art consultants, private collectors and Trade members (architects, interior designers, property developers).

Our work can be found in private residences in the UK and abroad.

If you'd like to request an Arthouse private view, drop as a line: We will process your interest and get in touch with further information.


Keith Grafton Mixed Media Artist Keith Grafton Photographer


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