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Our Gallery Limited Editions: Beauty, Expertise, Archival Quality

At Baron Grafton Arthouse we offer exclusively Maite Baron and Keith Grafton’s Original Works of Art and hand-signed Archival Limited Editions Pigment Prints created and curated by us using the highest Archival quality materials and the latest printing technology to gallery quality standards. We put great attention to detail in everything we do, supervising every aspect from beginning to end, offering outstanding collector pieces of beauty and longevity.

Our Gallery Limited Editions: Beauty, Expertise, Archival Quality
The Baron Grafton Arthouse Limited Editions

The Baron Grafton Arthouse Limited Editions

All our Limited Editions Pigment Prints are Archival gallery-quality, produced by our carefully selected expert printing Partners; we only work with professional top quality printers.  We supervise every step, from testing each Artwork colour calibration, sharpness and contrast till we are satisfied, to choosing the right Fine Art Paper or Canvas for each Limited Edition run, to determining the perfect mounting and Framing for each Artwork. We only accept the highest quality of printing and finishes to make sure each Limited Edition Archival Print is a true representation of the Original Work of Art. The final result is a piece of artwork of outstanding beauty that we feel proud of.

Our Limited Editions are always produced using Archival materials and are of a consistent quality. Never mass-produced, we print in Edition sizes of not more than 100, in a variety of formats and sizes to preserve the Edition’s quality.

Each Limited Edition Artwork comes with our Certificate of Authenticity that adheres to the international standards used by most professional galleries. Each certificate includes the artist’s handwritten signature, the date of production, a description of the print format, the Edition size and the print number. All this is to ensure that whilst each piece is part of a Limited Edition collection, it is in its self one of a kind, an essential perquisite to maintaining the Artwork’s market value.

Every Limited Edition specifications are clearly shown in the Edition details section of each Artwork product description page.

From 10 - 100 : Certified Small Edition Runs

From 10 - 100 : Certified Small Edition Runs

Baron Grafton Arthouse offers Limited Edition Fine Art Pigment Prints        ( Glicée ) on Archival Papers and Canvas from our curated contemporary collections, as hand-signed Limited Edition Prints. We determine the value of each Limited Edition taking into account the significance of the piece, the format, the cost of production and the size of the print run.

For each Artwork the artist decides the print run size and the formats in which it will be made available, including the number of Artists proofs (AP). Each format has a specific Edition size limitation, and each Print is numbered as part of the Limited Edition. The smaller the Print run the more exclusive each piece is and hence more valuable. Once 50% of a Limited Edition has been sold, it becomes a Bestseller. Once 90% of the print run has been sold, the edition reaches Last Prints status. When an edition is sold out it reaches the Gallery Only status. The prices increase as the number of available Limited Editions Prints decreases.

Our Limited Editions are produced in small Edition runs of not more than 100 rather than the four or five digit print Edition runs often seen in more traditional art markets, preserving the Artwork’s market value. Under the supervision of the artist, the Limited Edition Prints are hand-signed, numbered and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our goal is to make high quality Fine Art Archival Limited Edition Prints accessible to  those who appreciate quality Art without the fuss of traditional art galleries; these being collectors, art lovers or Trade professionals such as architects, interior designers and high end property developers.

Our Limited Edition Prints are of the highest quality, whose finish, sharpness, and colour contrast are optimal, matching the quality used by the most prestigious artists, exhibitions and Galleries.



Archival Gallery Quality
The highest Archival quality materials and the latest technology printing to offer outstanding collector pieces, beauty and longevity

Certificate of Authenticity
Our Certificate of Authenticity contains the artist handwritten signature, the production date, the print format, the Edition and the Print number, adhering to the international standards

Supervised by the artist, step-by-step
We don’t leave anything to chance, we supervise every single aspect from production to delivery, transforming each Limited Edition Print into a Gallery-quality showpiece that makes a real statement

Available Framed or Print Only
We offer both options as sometimes international Collectors or Trade members prefer to buy the Limited Edition Prints unframed so that they can be framed at a later date, or by their trusted framer in a style that suits their residence or interior space project best.  Other Collectors or Trade members prefer the Artwork to arrive ready for hanging.

From 10 - 100 : Certified Small Edition Runs

Gallery Quality Framing

For our Fine Art works on Paper, both Limited Editions and Originals, we offer award winning superior Gallery quality Framing. Made with Archival quality materials throughout, glazed with UV protected scratch resistant Acrylic Plexiglass, with other professional glazing options available to Trade members on request. Our framed Artwork is made to last and stand the test of time.

About Our Limited Editions Gifts

About Our Limited Editions Gifts

Our Art Gifts are 30 x 30cm Artworks create exclusively for our Art Gift Collections; they are Archival quality Pigment Prints ( Glicée ) on 410gsm cotton Canvas, finished with a deep black float frame and delivered in a beautiful Gift box ready to impress. They are ideal as a unique and thoughtful Gift, as well as collectable by Art lovers who like grouping Artworks together and enjoy changing their Artworks regularly. We offer them in print Edition runs of up to 300 to make them more affordable. They are also provided with a Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity.

All our Gifts are top-notch Gallery quality, finished with great attention to detail and artistic craftsmanship; our Art Gifts are created to be memorable and enjoyed day-by-day, for years to come.

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