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Baron Grafton Arthouse offers Original Work of Art on canvas and paper, hand signed by the artist, framed or unframed depending on the Artwork itself, ready to hang and enjoy to gallery standard.

For each Original Work of Art Baron Grafton Arthouse provides a Certificate of Authenticity including the artist name, format, date, and the artist’s handwritten signature guarantying the authenticity and uniqueness of each Work of Art as well as ensuring each piece is one of a kind, with great attention to detail, artistic quality and craftsmanship to increase its market value.


Small Limited Editions Runs: from 25 to 500 Prints

Baron Grafton Arthouse Limited Editions Prints generally have small print runs of 25 to 500 - depending on size - rather than the five digit print editions of the traditional art market. Our Limited Edition Prints are offered as Archival Pigment Prints ( Glicée ) , Lamba C-type Photographs and Museum Pro Canvas from our curated contemporary collections.

For most collectors the choice to purchase a particular Artwork is based on the artistic and asthetic qualities of the particular piece. However, we appreciate that also for many the ownership of an Artwork is also viewed as an investment. In order to preserve the value of all Baron Grafton Arthouse Artworks we offer Limited Edition Prints with relatively short print runs, from 10 for the largest sizes to a maximum of 500 for the smallest.

Not all Artworks are offered at the same print runs, in fact many Baron Grafton Arthouse Artworks will only have a maximum print run size of 150 or 250. We determines the individual value of each Limited Edition Print taking into account the significance of the piece, the format and size of the print run as well as the cost of production. As a simple rule, the prices increase as the number of each Limited Edition run decreases making then appreciate in value.

Lambda C-Type vs. Giclée Prints

At Baron Grafton Arthouse we use both Giclée and C-Type printing depending upon the nature of the artwork. This is because the two different print processes have different artist qualities.

Giclée printing have the ability to produce highly saturated and vivid colours due to the use of pigment based inks. Is good for artworks that have strong colours and contrasts and offers a greater range of fine art papers.

C-Type printing offers a greater range of tonal colours then can be obtained using Giclée printing. This makes for subtle colours and transitions when going from light to dark, better representing skin colours or where there is a greater range of shades in the artwork

At Baron Grafton Arthouse we tend to use Giclée printing for Limited Edition Prints from Original acrylic Artworks, etchings and monotype prints. We also use Giclée printing for photographic based digital compositions where the final Artwork looks and feel more like a fine art piece rather then a photograph, or when a fine art finish is better suited to the artwork.

We use C-type printing for artworks, which are more photographic in nature and we wan to achieve a more modern or urban look and feel. In this case we mount the C-type onto an aluminium backing ( typically Dibond ) and then reverse mount acrylic on the front.

Certificate of Authenticity

We work in close collaboration with our printer partners, supervising each piece closely to represent the truest colours and detail. Each Limited Edition Print is numbered and provided with our Certificate of Authenticity. Our Certificates of Authenticity protects the market value of the Artwork containing the artist handwritten signature, the date, the format, the edition and print number and the Baron Grafton Arthouse embossed stamp to ensure each piece adheres to the international standards and is one of a kind.

We only use the highest quality materials and the latest technology printing to create high quality collector Limited Edition Prints of outstanding beauty and longevity. All our frames are bespoke and made-to-measure from FSC certified solid wood to transform each Print into gallery quality showpieces accessible to does who appreciate art without the fuzz of traditional art galleries, these being collectors, interior art lovers or Trade professionals such as architects, interior designers and high end property developers.


Unlimited in Number and Perfect as Unique Gifts

Baron Grafton Arthouse Open Editions are offered in the smallest Print sizes available either as Archival Pigment Prints ( Glicée ), C-type Lambda Prints or Museum Pro Canvas depending on the Original Work oF Art. They are top quality signed Prints of our Original Artworks offered as unlimited runs making them ideal as unique and thoughtful gifts at a lower investment point as well as for interior art lovers who like changing their Artwork pieces regularly. They are provided with an Open Edition Certificate.


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