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Materials & Wall Art Gift Care

Our gallery quality Wall Art Gift is professionally printed using Archival Pigment Inks and finish with a matt UV varnish coating to help to preserve the integrity of your canvas image, protecting against airborne dirt and dust, sun fade, abrasions and fingerprints.

For a stunning beautiful result a Solid Ash Tray Frame with Hand-Stained Finish surrounds the canvas to transform the artwork into a real statement.

We have put together a simple guide on how to display and care for your Wall Art Gift to make sure it remains as beautiful as it arrives for years to come.



When hanging a painting, one must keep in mind two major enemies; direct light and humidity so it’s worth giving some thought to chose the right spot avoiding as much as possible to be placed on direct bright sunlight or above a radiator. So where possible, try to hang your artworks in shadier spots.


Likewise, bear in mind that strong sources of heat or damp can cause warping or discolouration to your canvas. Good ventilation is a must to avoid mildew and surface damage.


Now that you’ve found the perfect spot for your wall art gift, create an atmosphere on your home thinking about the way your wall art gift interacts with the room and other existing artworks. Enjoy experimenting with layout and colour as it’s time to get it up on the wall using the fixing and back picture wire provided.



Once your artwork is safely up on the wall you can sit back and admire it to give you pleasure. Also remember a couple of simple things you need to do to ensure it looks always at its best.


  1. Never clean Paintings with water or any other cleaning materials
  2. Paintings on canvas may be lightly brushed with a clean feather duster or unused make up brush to remove dust
  3. Frames should be examined regularly for wood-worm


And that's it. Enjoy collecting and displaying the perfect pieces for your home!

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